Increasing numbers of sexual health services are offering chemsex support in their clinics. You can always ask to speak to someone from the health advisor team at your local clinic for support and advice or just a chat about your experiences with chems.

If you would like more information on chemsex or would like to discuss your own experiences then you can also use the following links to find a service that would suit you:


56 Dean Street for chemsex support, clean needles, peer discussion groups, community engagement events and one to one chats with experienced, judgement free advisors. Find out more here.

Burrell Street clinic for a comprehensive sexual health service as well as chemsex support from health advisors. Find out more here.

For harm reduction information and face to face support across a number of clinics in London. Find one that suits you here.

For psychological, psychiatric & psychosocial support for residents in Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster click here

Clean needles can be accessed from;

· 56 Dean Street
· Burrell Street
· Online from (for a price); chemsex specific
· Any pharmacy participating in the needle exchange scheme (not necessarily chemsex specific)
· Local borough drug services (not necessarily chemsex specific)


For more information on drug and alcohol services in Brighton visit