Data Security

AURAH2 is a recognised research study and its arrangements for data security and data handling have been reviewed and approved by the London-Hampstead Research Ethics Committee (REC Ref:14/L0/188) on the 19th November 2014. The study is managed by the UCL Department of Information and Public Health data in conformance with the UCL SLMS Information Governance (IG) framework, which is a set of policies and procedure to ensure it takes place both legally and securely.

The AURAH2 website service is maintained and operated by AN Computing on behalf of the UCL Department of Infection & Population Health in an environment that is conformant with the requirements of the NHS IT Governance Toolkit. This means that there are audited policies and procedures to ensure high levels of information governance, confidentiality, data protection and information security.

Email security: The AURAH2 system generates individual emails to its participants. Therefore there is no risk of unintentionally including other participants’ contact details in the emails.