Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, completely. Your name will NOT be written on the baseline questionnaire and your answers to it will NOT be seen by the doctors and nurses in the clinic. Your completed questionnaire can be placed in a sealed envelope which will not be opened by the clinic staff.

Our system automatically generates each email which is then sent to you individually. This means there is no risk of unintentionally copying other participants’ names or contact details into the email header.

The online questionnaires will be made available on a secure website which can only be accessed using a link sent to your email address. The website questions will not ask you to enter any identifying personal details such as name, address or date of birth. Your answers to the online questionnaires will...

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There is no risk to you in taking part in the study. If you find the questionnaire raises issues that concern you, or that you would like to discuss further, please contact the team using the email address

Each questionnaire takes 5-7 minutes to complete. On an annual basis there will be a longer questionnaire to complete which will take up to 20 minutes.

The study started in early 2015 and will last for up to 3 years.

What we learn from this study will help us develop better interventions to protect people from getting HIV. You may benefit from this personally through the results of the study although this is not guaranteed.

If you agree to take part in the study, we will record the results of any HIV test that takes place on that day and during the time you are included in the study.

You can withdraw or stop participating in the study by emailing ‘STOP’ to

This will not affect the care that you receive at any sexual health centre.

You do not need to give us a reason for leaving the study. We will remove your email address from our email list and not contact you any further.

If you join the study at your sexual health centre you will be asked to complete a baseline questionnaire at the site. You will be asked to provide your email address and telephone number for future contact. You’ll then be contacted 4 months later and directed to log-in to the website where you can complete your questionnaire. You will be asked to do this three times a year for the next 3 years.

When you log-in and register for the first time you will be asked to confirm your name, date of birth and email address for registration. This is so that we can check your details against the National HIV database and other health related databases at the end of the study. We will store this data securely until the end of the study and then delete it.

HIV negative gay men (aged 18 and over) who use the sexual health services at 56 Dean Street, Dean Street Express, Mortimer Market Clinic in London and the Claude Nicol Sexual Health Service in Brighton are eligible to join the study. In the future we hope to open up recruitment to participants outside of the clinical setting as well, but we will update this information when we do.

No, there is no payment for participation. There is an annual £1000 prize draw that every participant is eligible to win.

No, once you have enrolled in the study during a clinic visit you will not need to return to the clinic for the study. Of course if you need to visit a sexual health clinic for any reason that is not study related then we encourage you to do so. Your nearest sexual health centre can be found on the HIV and Sexual Health page