The AURAH2 Study

AURAH2 was a web based questionnaire study for gay men who use sexual health centres in London and Brighton.

It is now closed to recruitment and no longer gathering information from participants but this website will continue to offer information about the study and provide progress updates on its outputs and research.

The study gathered the experiences and opinions from up to 1000 gay men over two years to help understand sexual health needs and to shape HIV prevention efforts.

Taking part in AURAH2 involved answering a short series of questions that were available either on mobile, laptop or computer. The questionnaires asked about sexual health, relationships, lifestyle, HIV status and testing for HIV.

Study Details

University College London is running the AURAH2 study in partnership with 56 Dean Street, the Mortimer Market Clinic, London and the Claude Nicol Centre, Brighton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the following questions about the study and more:

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HIV And Sexual Health

Further information on safer sex, HIV and sexually transmitted infections is available here: